Different list addresses? (was: About GIT and committing submissions)

From: Felix Palmen <felix_at_palmen-it.de>
Date: Sat, 16 Oct 2021 12:49:59 UTC
Unrelated side note: The mail I was replying to had no Mail-Followup-To
header, but it had these:

List-Id: Porting software to FreeBSD <freebsd-ports.freebsd.org>
List-Post: <mailto:ports@freebsd.org>

It seems this caused my MUA (neomutt) to direct the followup to *both*
addresses. Is there a problem with the mailing-list software? Or is it
neomutt doing something wrong? Unfortunately, I didn't catch this before
sending, so there's now a double post :/

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