Re: XFCE4 No Longer Displaying 3rd-Party Fonts.

From: Chris <>
Date: Tue, 13 Jul 2021 23:23:27 UTC
On 2021-07-13 15:50, Janky Jay, III wrote:
> Hello Jan,
> On 7/13/21 3:15 PM, Jan Beich wrote:
>> "Janky Jay, III" <> writes:
>>> Hi All,
>>>  So, I'm unsure if this is where this should go, but it did happen
>>> after a recent port (pkg) upgrade of a FreeBSD 13.0 desktop system that
>>> I've been running. I'd moved from "quarterly" to "latest" and got the
>>> updates and now my XFCE4 desktop doesn't display any of the fonts I was
>>> previously using. I only have the three basic fonts options of "Dejavu",
>>> "Luxi", and "Monospace."
>> Maybe related to
>> pango 1.42.4 -> 1.48.4 happened on 2021-05-24 which is now on /quarterly.
> Holy cow! With bitmap fonts being unsupported in the 1.44 and later
> releases of pango, that'll surely cause what I'm seeing. Being as I just
> bumped my pkg repository to use /latest instead of /quarterly last week
> and seeing this, a bigger question now is, how many people this is going
> to effect now that this update has hit /quarterly? That's a huge bummer
> but thank you very much for the info!
Apologies in advance if I'm MISremembering this. But doesn't the build for
fontconfig have an option for handling bitmap fonts? I too am on Xfce4 (but
a older version) and I'm (currently) still able to read/display bitmap
OTOH you're right. It's going to be time to start converting all those
bitmap fonts we've all come to depend on, if they're not going to be
supported going forward.

> Regards,
> Janky Jay, III