Re: XFCE4 No Longer Displaying 3rd-Party Fonts.

From: Chris <>
Date: Wed, 14 Jul 2021 02:34:22 UTC
On 2021-07-13 16:23, Chris wrote:
> On 2021-07-13 15:50, Janky Jay, III wrote:
>> Hello Jan,
>> On 7/13/21 3:15 PM, Jan Beich wrote:
>>> "Janky Jay, III" <> writes:
>>>> Hi All,
>>>>  So, I'm unsure if this is where this should go, but it did happen
>>>> after a recent port (pkg) upgrade of a FreeBSD 13.0 desktop system that
>>>> I've been running. I'd moved from "quarterly" to "latest" and got the
>>>> updates and now my XFCE4 desktop doesn't display any of the fonts I was
>>>> previously using. I only have the three basic fonts options of "Dejavu",
>>>> "Luxi", and "Monospace."
>>> Maybe related to
>>> pango 1.42.4 -> 1.48.4 happened on 2021-05-24 which is now on /quarterly.
>> Holy cow! With bitmap fonts being unsupported in the 1.44 and later
>> releases of pango, that'll surely cause what I'm seeing. Being as I just
>> bumped my pkg repository to use /latest instead of /quarterly last week
>> and seeing this, a bigger question now is, how many people this is going
>> to effect now that this update has hit /quarterly? That's a huge bummer
>> but thank you very much for the info!
> Apologies in advance if I'm MISremembering this. But doesn't the build for
> fontconfig have an option for handling bitmap fonts? I too am on Xfce4 (but
> a older version) and I'm (currently) still able to read/display bitmap
> fonts.

Sorry (I'm spread a bit too thin today). I meant print/freetype2 and the 
is; PNG: Png compressed OpenType embedded bitmaps support. I see it's now
on by default (used to have to select it).
I don't know whether Xfce4 uses it or print/freetype. But if your building
you might be able to build Freetype2, and rebuild Xfce4.
Just thought I'd mention it in case you aren't using it.

> OTOH you're right. It's going to be time to start converting all those
> bitmap fonts we've all come to depend on, if they're not going to be
> supported going forward.
> --Chris
>> Regards,
>> Janky Jay, III