Re: An apology about my commits

From: Kubilay Kocak <>
Date: Fri, 28 May 2021 03:25:07 UTC
On 28/05/2021 1:19 pm, Neel Chauhan wrote:
> Hi freebsd-ports@, ports-committers@,
> I hope all is well with you.
> You may know I have prematurely made Ports commits without review, 
> namely 507359c509389602b4060b2c5e203c99911c3578 and 
> 0bc7478682b2d7c9393f2dd095d99072070a2f65.
> I'm really sorry if I pushed these commits without approval.
> I feel extremely guilty for making these commits without approval, and 
> almost felt I will lose my commit bit. I even thought at times that I 
> will have to switch my PCs/servers to Windows or Linux if all goes wrong 
> since I will feel shame for even **using** FreeBSD [1].
> Next time, I will try not to bypass review, especially for big commits 
> that touch major packages like devel/glib20.
> However, to unbreak the fetching for GNOME Ports that have been updated 
> to 40.x, we will need to make one change to Mk/ This patch 
> is in . This may need portmgr 
> approval, but I won't commit it without approval.
> Happy hacking!
> -Neel Chauhan (nc@)
> Footnotes:
> [1] - For reference, I work at Microsoft and use Windows at work, but 
> used FreeBSD almost exclusively at home since 2012, back when I was only 
> 15 (I'm 24 now), and more-or-less the only server OS I have run my home 
> servers on since I set that up in 2013.

It's your thoughts and care that count Neel, don't feel guilty.

The responses you received could have been a bit more 'matter of fact'.

What was *actually* important about the replies was 'we should be QA'ing 
everything and getting more than one persons eyes on things'.

Note (for everyone), some of the biggest impacts are caused by the 
smallest commits.

The idea of a 'trivial update' needs to be related to the dustbin, and 
we're still hearing it often.