Re: Help wanted: volunteer yourselves in .github/CODEOWNERS

From: Kubilay Kocak <>
Date: Mon, 31 May 2021 02:16:48 UTC
On 31/05/2021 9:13 am, Alan Somers wrote:
> Strangers are submitting pull requests to our Github mirror, but we rarely
> pay attention.  I just added a .github/CODEOWNERS file to our repo to
> automatically assign reviewers to PRs.  I based it off of the contents of
> the current MAINTAINERS file.  But it's incomplete.  Please add yourself if:
> * You don't have a github account associated with your FreeBSD email
> address.  I'm talking to you, adrian@, macklem@, and rrs@ .
> * You are part of a team, like secteam@ or re@ .  You'll have to create the
> team at then you can add it to the
> list.
> * You previously signed up for Phabricator notifications with Herald, but
> didn't sign up in MAINTAINERS.  I can't see everybody's Phabricator
> assignments.
> * You never signed up in MAINTAINERS before, but you really ought to
> because you care deeply about some particular subsystem.
> -Alan

Thanks for this Alan.

Bugmeister is (and has been for a while) also keen to finally solve the 
problem of better getting the right eyes on patches submitted to 
Bugzilla for particular code areas, which complements other areas of 
improvements in issue management, such as more and clearer components in 
Bugzilla for people to use.

Ports has an explicit MAINTAINER line we use to automatically 
auto-assign and CC issues, it would be great to use CODEOWNERS for this, 
along with appropriate consistently declared MAINTAINER lines in 
specific component directories and/or Makefiles.

I think this is a good time to raise the difficult question/issue of 
policy/guidelines around code maintainership and responsibilities around 
that, including:

- Having one or more maintainers of tree areas/components
- Maintainer review, approval and timeouts
- Issue triage/management