Help wanted: volunteer yourselves in .github/CODEOWNERS

From: Alan Somers <>
Date: Sun, 30 May 2021 23:13:13 UTC
Strangers are submitting pull requests to our Github mirror, but we rarely
pay attention.  I just added a .github/CODEOWNERS file to our repo to
automatically assign reviewers to PRs.  I based it off of the contents of
the current MAINTAINERS file.  But it's incomplete.  Please add yourself if:

* You don't have a github account associated with your FreeBSD email
address.  I'm talking to you, adrian@, macklem@, and rrs@ .
* You are part of a team, like secteam@ or re@ .  You'll have to create the
team at then you can add it to the
* You previously signed up for Phabricator notifications with Herald, but
didn't sign up in MAINTAINERS.  I can't see everybody's Phabricator
* You never signed up in MAINTAINERS before, but you really ought to
because you care deeply about some particular subsystem.