Re: Spam mail being sent via the FreeBSD mailing lists

From: Julian H. Stacey <>
Date: Wed, 26 May 2021 14:50:57 UTC
Kurt Jaeger wrote:
> Hi!
> > > On May 25, 2021, at 8:53 PM, jake h <> wrote:
> > > I have recently received several pieces of spam mail, apparently sent via
> > > this mailing list. These pieces of mail are the usual spam formula; Your
> > > phone has a virus, Ads, Fake blackmail, so on and so forth.
> > > Has anyone else noticed these spam emails, or is it just me?
> > I'm receiving these too. It looks like the servers are bouncing some of them just for me, even. And I'm receiving not just from this list; also from freebsd-hackers@ and ports@.
> postmaster@ is aware of the problem, we do not yet have a clear-cut
> solution and we're investigating.
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I'm on most lists & also seen much spam lately.

Changing Mailman list configs to only allowing postings from subscribed
addresses could dump nearly all spam;  (I'm a Mailman admin elsewhere ).

But has prefered open lists for near all lists.
Best only for the initial fresh- after- install- questions@, IMO.

Mailman can also input from a spam phrases block list, though I haven't
much used that on lists I run, as subscriber only block near all.

Normaly the anti spam mechanisms protect both lists & non lists.

List back end responses to eg isp@ & hackers@ have recently migrated
from Mailman to Mlmmj, I guess that shouldn't directly affect spam
protection ?  but it'd be interesting to know what advantage the
migration might bring ?

  ( Though I couldn't migrate most lists I run from Mailman to
  Mlmmj, as many lists I run are mostly non techs, incompetent with
  anything beyond click & fumble.  Command lines of Majordomo &
  Mlmmj impossible for them )

Julian Stacey  Unreliable spam black list extorter.