Help needed : FreeBSD 8.1 / xorg / xf86-video-intel / dell400

Szilveszter Adam sziszi at
Mon Jul 19 18:45:49 UTC 2010

Hello, Henri-Pierre!

On Mon, Jul 19, 2010 at 12:52:51PM +0200, Henri-Pierre Charles wrote:
> I did some (minor) progress :
> - vidcontrol -i mode give only 640x480x4 maximum resolution before I
> realize that loading vesa.ko could help.
> - With "kload vesa.ko" I get 1024x768x8 which could be ok for my laptop.
> - I am very surprized to have to add :
>   HorizSync 30.0 - 82.0
>   VertRefresh 50.0 - 75.0
>   to the Monitor section for a laptop with a LCD screen. Is to due to
> the vesa driver ?

I do not know, but my xorg.conf used to have the HorizSync and the
VertRefresh lines forever. But you are correct that eg the intel(4)
driver seemed to ignore it, while the vesa driver takes note of it
during initialization.

> - X start correctly but is unable to go higher than 640x480 which seem
> strange because
> -- The panel resolution is recognized :(II) VESA(0): PanelID returned
> panel resolution 1024x768
> -- The mode exist Mode: 105 (1024x768)
> -- but (II) VESA(0): Not using mode "1024x768" (no mode of this name)

Well, looking at the config and the log you posted, there appear to be
several interesting things.

1) It seems you are trying to use a multi-monitor config (with Screen1
commented out.) You say one of these is the LCD of the laptop. What is
the other? Are you testing with the LCD only? (It seems so from the log,
but doesn't hurt to be sure)

2) The video ram found by vesa(4) is very low (mine finds 8000kB):

(II) VESA(0): Total Memory: 13 64KB banks (832kB)

It would be useful to try to investigate why. (Do you have agp activated
in your kernel? I do, although of course vesa provides no acceleration
in that area.)

3) This is interesting:

(II) VESA(0): Attempting to use 85Hz refresh for mode "640x480" (111)

Is this Hz value correct for the display you are testing with? My LCD
says 60 Hz. 

I am sorry that I cannot give you more direct advice, but maybe there is
somethine in there which may give you an idea...


Szilveszter ADAM

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