New compaq, new radeon id

Jung-uk Kim jkim at
Thu Jul 21 00:05:00 GMT 2005

On Tuesday 19 July 2005 06:03 am, Pete Carah wrote:
> I have a new compaq (AMD64 Turion) with what is supposedly a mobile
> radeon 9200.   It isn't recognized anywhere (agp, drm, x-server)
> and has an id of 1002 5955.

It seems to be Radeon® Xpress 200M:

It is not Mobility Radeon® 9200 (RV280).  I heard it's based on X300 
(RV350) but not sure.  FYI, it's codenamed as RS480.  As far as AGP 
concerned, can you send me 'pciconf -lv' output?

> I find it interesting that most of the pci infrastructure in the
> machine has a vendor id of 1002; I didn't know that ATI made
> processor chipsets.. (this even includes the usb chips too)


> I think I can see how to add this to the radeon driver but am not
> totally sure...  I presume it has to be in either agp or drm also?

If you just want 2D, you have to patch xorg-server.  If you want to 
experiment on 3D accel, all of the above.  And maybe DRI also.

> I'm having trouble getting a few other things recognized too (TI
> sd/xd/ms reader, and the sound (conexant :-() (and the broadcom
> wireless which I may just replace with an atheros since it is a
> minipci...)

You can use NDISulator for the Broadcom wireless.

Jung-uk Kim

> Conexant is definitely NOT a friend of open-source, (sierra
> wireless is worse, though...)
> Isn't new hardware wonderful :-)
> -- Pete

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