Error code 1 during 'make install'(FreeBSD 4.6.2)

Doug White dwhite at
Wed Aug 20 10:11:46 PDT 2003

On Wed, 20 Aug 2003, sysadmin wrote:

> When doing "make install" under any port, I get *** Error code 1 after the
> "Checking if *** already installed" (see below for help2man as an example).
> This error seems to occur with any port, such as apg
> (/usr/ports/security/apg). The tarball are fetched from Internet.
> I think this is due to the difference of version : CVS has RELENG_4_6_2 and
> 'make install' fetch (I believe) the latest version of the port.
> What could I do ?

One of:

1. Upgrade to 4.7-RELEASE or later.
2. Pull down source from 4.7-RELEASE or later and rebuild pkg_info.
3. Dike out the calls to check-already-installed in _INSTALL_SEQ and
   _INSTALL_SUSEQ in /usr/ports/Mk/, and be careful about
   cvsupping since it will blow away the change.

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