my slices are gone

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Thu Dec 3 21:47:53 UTC 2009

On 12/3/09 4:34 PM, "David Rawling" <djr at> wrote:

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>> Subject: my slices are gone
>> using sysinstall on the 8.0-RELEASE ISO Disk 1, i looked at the status of
>> the disks and found some alarming things:
>> the label editor shows no labels on either disk. that seems pretty bad.
>> and the slice editor says:
>> Disk slicing warning:
>> chunk 'ad6p1' [40..409639] does not start on a track boundary
>> chunk 'ad6p2' [409640..1464784583] does not start on a track boundary
>> which seems pretty bad in two different ways.
>> would anyone disagree that freebsd-update -r 8.0-RELEASE upgrade has left
>> this system unusable and the only next step is reformat at reinstall (that
>> old windows routine)?
> I'm barely starting off in the FreeBSD world after a long hiatus, but might
> you perchance have been using Dangerously Dedicated disks? It doesn't seem to
> match the disk layout but you never know.
> Lots of people have had trouble since DD mode disappeared (it took me ages to
> figure out why my VMs with DD mode always broke).

i don't really see why this should have been working and then stop working
on a freebsd-update.

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