Driver for Yopy PDA

Raphael Langerhorst raphael-langerhorst at
Wed Aug 18 00:07:28 PDT 2004


I'm also still very interested in this driver, so far I haven't received any 
response. I hope someone takes care that it is included in FreeBSD 5.


PS: I'm not registered to the freebsd-questions list, please cc me on reply.

On Wednesday 18 August 2004 04:04, you wrote:
> hello all,
> i recently received a yopy 3500 pda ( and and
> have been trying very much in vain to get it to speak 'ethernet over usb'
> with my fbsd 4.10 install.
> the only promising *bsd related threads i have been able to locate were:
> i am hoping to learn whether:
> a) the 5.x driver mentioned in these messages is on its way into
> the source tree (i did not come across any if_saue entries in
> cvsweb.cgi/src/sys/dev/usb) ?
> b) i can help test a version designed for 4.x ?  my yopy awaits your
> command  =]
> hopefully someone will get back to me regarding these questions.  in the
> meantime, linux already has driver support for the yopy, so i'm going to
> give knoppix a try.
> thanks for reading,
> epi
> p.s. comms/birda appears to be another option for connecting to the
> machine, but i haven't yet made any headway with that tool set.

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