Wireless Keyboard/Mouse recommendations?

Matt Navarre mnavarre at cox.net
Tue Aug 17 19:17:33 PDT 2004

Does anyone know of a wireless keyboard/mouse combo that works well with 
FreeBSD (and X Windows/ Kde)? I like the feel of most of the Logitech and 
Microsoft combos that I've tried*, but I'm concerned that all the web, cd 
control and email gewgaws they're festooned with will interfere with proper 
operation. I'm not really concerned with having all the extra buttons work, 
though it'd be nice, just as long as the keyboard doesn't cause random crashy 
badness like the POS GE wireless board I've got now.

TIA for any sugestions,

*Actually, what I want is a wireless version of the old IBM/Fujitsu 
"klickyKlacky" keyboard with a decent optical mouse. But that'll never 

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