net-im/finch crashing on startup

Joe Marcus Clarke marcus at
Sun Apr 26 02:01:45 UTC 2009

On Sat, 2009-04-25 at 20:23 -0400, Josh Rickmar wrote:
> On Sat, 25 Apr 2009, Joe Marcus Clarke wrote:
> > I can't reproduce on -STABLE.  Finch seems to be working just fine for
> > me.  See on how to rebuild
> > finch and libpurple with debugging symbols.  When it crashes again, get
> > a gdb back trace.
> >
> > Joe
> Well, it seems to be a non-issue for me now, since I found a replacement
> for finch instead (I'm now using mcabber).  Thanks for the help, though.
> Would you still like me to rebuild finch with the debugging symbols to
> see what was wrong and how is can be fixed, or am I the only one
> experiencing this problem on 7.1-RELEASE?

If you want.  So far you're the only one to report a problem with finch.


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