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Thanks to the fast growing technology, now people have access to anywhere
in the world, anytime they want. This creates a great demand for the TV and
Movie industry to improve itself and come up with new ideas and unique
projects all the time. It is now essential to make what’s not made,
showing where’s not shown before. Competition is big and those who can
understand and satisfy the audience will be the winner.

Turkey is a uniquely beautiful country offering a lot to its visitors.
Located in a vast area in mid-zone, Turkey is blessed with 4 different
seasons and climates, wide forests, secluded beaches, snowy mountains and
beautiful scenery throughout the country. Being surrounded by 3 seas and a
natural bridge from Asia to Europe, Turkey attracted many tribes, nations
and empires throughout its history and they all left their footprints on
this land. Greek Gods ruled here, Battle of Troy was held here, 7 Churches
of Revelation are here, even Santa Clause was born here!  There is a story
interesting for everyone in Turkey.



BMP TV and Global Access Travel are two sister companies, who together can
provide you with both technical and logistic support in Turkey and
surrounding countries.

BMP TV offers technical services to radio and TV stations with experienced
and professional staff. We feature the latest technology and provide
service in Turkey to top companies such as Kanal D, Fox TV, CNBC, NTV,
CNNTurk, Star TV and  companies from outside Turkey such as DW, Eurosport,
TF1 and many others. As well as technical equipment, BMP TV is also able to
provide staff for your projects such as Cameramans, Jimmy Jib Operators and
all crew for your production requirements.

Global Access is a Destination Management Company, running both incoming
and outgoing operations. Our services are preferred by many major tour
operators throughout the world, therefore we enjoy very good rates from
most hotels in Turkey. We will make sure that your staff and equipment
travels safely throughout country and be provided the best accommodation,
food and extra services possible.

Turkey is a paradise for producers and now we will make this paradise
accessible for you. Please contact us and let’s discuss what amazing
projects we can create together.

[http://www.turkeycalling.us/istanbul/turkey-calling-contact.htm] Please
fill the form below and let us determine the best solutions for you

[mailto:incoming at bookinglobe.com?subject=Turkey Calling Producers]
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