named sandbox trouble

Robert Downes nullentropy at
Sun Oct 12 09:58:06 PDT 2003

Bill Vermillion wrote:

>On Sun, Oct 12, 2003 at 15:47 , while denying his reply is 
>spam, Robert Downes prattled on endlessly saying:
>>I've realised that my /etc/resolv.conf is being overwritten on every 
>>reboot. I assumed this was because of DHCP, but disabling DHCP meant 
>>that my network connection was disabled.
>I don't know off hand what is causing that you can keep that from
>happening by running as root    chflags schg /etc/resolv.conf
>That will buy you time until you figure things out.
I worked it out, by chance.

A look into the dhcp man pages, (dhcpclient.conf mainly, I think) 
revealed that it's possible to create a configuration entry that adds 
your desired nameserver values before the ones that the DHCP server returns.

So you just need to add something like this to dhcpclient.conf (I think 
that's the file - read the man pages first)

interface "rl0" {
    prepend domain-name-servers;

As I say, though, I'm not sure if that's the right file, so do a bit of 
man-page browsing to check.

Once that's in place, "nameserver" appears at the top of 
/etc/resolv.conf every time. So at least one thing is going the right way.

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