JDK binary without X

Russell Francis rfrancis at ev.net
Sat Apr 8 10:06:43 UTC 2006

Stefan wrote:
>> packages are generally built based on 'most common situation', vs
>> 'least' ... even the 'build your own version' in ports defaults to
>> building with X, and you have to explicitly tell it not to ...
> Your right. Now I try to install via ports....
> How can I explicitly tell to not intsall the jdk15-port with
> x-libraries? I only saw three options:

I may be mistaken about this, but wouldn't not building with x-libraries
make fairly large parts of the Java runtime environment ie java.awt.* &
java.swing.* broken?

If this is true, why would you want this?  I suspect that many Java
applications make use of functionality within these name-spaces even if
they don't seem to be an "X based" application?

As a side note, the Makefile for java/jdk15 specifies
x11-toolkits/open-motif as a BUILD_DEPENDS not a RUN_DEPENDS which
indicates to me that you could remove open-motif after java was built
although this seems wrong to me.  Is this a Makefile bug?

> The only option which sounds a little like to not install with
> x-libraries is WITHOUT_WEB which I have activated. But even with that
> option it tries to install openmotiv which has a dependency of x-libraries.

That will prevent the building of the Java web plugin for Mozilla.

Best Regards,

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