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Thu Aug 30 12:46:07 PDT 2007

On Thu, Aug 30, 2007 at 08:03:42PM +0200, Michael Schuh wrote:
> Hi @list,
> (i would answer to the list, not to the persons only)
> First thanks for the suggestions.
> Now my personal opinions:
> I like solutions that ar small, smart and easy to administrate/update.
> Such as syscp. But syscp doesn't have all the functionality that i like.
> dtc looks very good, but have tons of dependencies that are not really
> needed.
> raqdevil shold be a good solution if it get installed right, but it doesn't
> in a jail.
> webin is overloaded, while the customer from me doesn't like a fully system
> management, and in the last twelve years of my experiences with
> linux/freebsd
> i have many many boxes seen that have been cracked and misused as
> mailgateways/streamingservers
> or public ftpservers from crackers. because the updates from webin are not
> all times
> maked fast enough.
> qmail is good but for me it is a little bit to complex to handle,
> i prefer combinations such as
> named(bind9)/postfix/sa/dspam/cyrus-imap(also with murder-config) or courier
> or dovecot for small
> enviroments. for Databases i like to prefer postgresql before mysql and
> apache or lightttpd.
> And that are the components that i have to manage over a single webfrontend.
> So that at this moment syscp is the only one that can handle this and only
> this,
> not more and not less, but it lacks of support for sa/dspam.
> ok dspam brings his own webfrontend but sa not and sa is very complex
> to configure while it has tons of i think about it to leave
> it out from
> the box and use only dspam.....
> the webfrontends for cyrus are not really good IMHO
> thanks for your suggestions
You might try ISPMan (
It's apache/cyrus/postfix/ldap.
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