Hardware RAID 1 management tools

Andrew I Baznikin andrey.baznikin at krasinform.ru
Fri Aug 25 07:27:09 UTC 2006

On Fri, 25 Aug 2006 08:21:30 +0200
Jeremiah Foster <jeremiah.foster at clickstore.se> wrote:

> On Thu, 2006-08-24 at 19:39 +0300, Odhiambo Washington wrote:
> > > and find out when the RAID disks are failing, right now I can tell
> > > when that happens because the database slows to a crawl.
> > 
> > That reasoning does not sound technical at all. Please find out why
> > the MySQL server itself is slowing down by using tools like mytop (in 
> > the ports, log-slow-queries, etc). 
> In fact I have been using a variety of system monitoring and mysql
> monitoring tools. Mytop has been used extensively, all the logs have
> been analyzed, the huge mysql config is being used, the database has
> been refactored, top and as well as other system tools have been used.
> All show dramatic, statistically significant changes when a disk fails.
> When we replace the disk mysql goes back to using very little processor
> from using 80% or more. So in fact it is quite technical.
> What I want is a tool that will warn me of disk failures before mysql
> does, is such a thing available for FreeBSD?

Smarttools can monitor SMART attributes on harddisks, do offline testing and so on.

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