DNS - Summary?

Ken Smith kensmith at cse.Buffalo.EDU
Thu Jun 26 15:27:39 PDT 2003


I hate to "put you on the spot" but you started it... :-)

Would you say the following is a fair summary of the discussion so far
and reflects the direction we should take?  I realize you are extremely
busy so simple "Yes/No" would be OK but more info is always better.
If you can spare the time to provide that I think the rest of us could
become more focused.

	1)The current country-code based delegation for all zones will
	  stay in place, being able to handle DNS locally is required
	  for any region's country code to exist in the FreeBSD namespace.

	2)It will be the responsibility of that country code's DNS admins
	  (or local people they decide on) to handle all DNS requests
	  for that region on their own.

	3)The US sites will be moved to us.freebsd.org and someone will
	  be set up in a role to handle (2) for that zone.

	4)The TLD sites "www.freebsd.org", "ftp*.freebsd.org", etc. will,
	  as someone else suggested, become the best of the currently
	  available mirror sites regardless of country they're in.

If you can either say that's correct or let us know what needs to be
researched/discussed more I think that would help.  If the above is
correct I could take this and work out the next step towards what you
asked for.  I think you are the only one at this point who could say
one way or another whether (2) is correct or if the people who make
up dnsadm@ would be willing to take on administering a country code's
zone if the people in that country code could not for some reason.

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