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Tue Dec 1 23:22:15 UTC 2009

On Tue, 01 Dec 2009 16:24:07 -0600, Aldis Berjoza <killasmurf86 at>  

> Hello!
> I've ceated OOO 3.1.1 packages for FreeBSD-8-RELEASE 686, and I want to
> put them on some ftp server. After long search I found server....
> It's server of Linux Center of Latvia University, but there's one cach:
> They want FreeBSD developer to verify my builds, before I upload them to
> ftp, because they want to ship only quality software.
> Once developer verifies, he should send e-mail to Linux Center using
> email. (I'll tell e-mail address of Linux Center later)

You should talk with our maintainer, maho at ..  
The OpenOffice community fund his work if I recall it correct by remember  
his comments in the commit. He does a lot of work with the  
and he is the best person to contact.

I don't think anyone should verifies your package until maho does it.


> I've send email to freebsd mailing list:
> But haven't had any replies yet. My friend suggested that I email this
> mailing list.
> Would anyone here be interested in helping with this....
> I've created fpt and http server on my desktop FreeBSD system
> But they are currently down.... because I'm mirroring packages to
> France server.... hopefully I'll finish in 2 days
> Anyway, I hope you will help me.
> If you decide to help, I can create an ssh account on my FreeBSD box.
> You can contact me by replying to this mail, or you can contact on
> jabber: killasmurf86 at
> With respect,
> Aldis Berjoza

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