packages for i686 almost available

Aldis Berjoza killasmurf86 at
Tue Dec 1 22:52:11 UTC 2009


I've ceated OOO 3.1.1 packages for FreeBSD-8-RELEASE 686, and I want to
put them on some ftp server. After long search I found server....
It's server of Linux Center of Latvia University, but there's one cach:
They want FreeBSD developer to verify my builds, before I upload them to
ftp, because they want to ship only quality software.
Once developer verifies, he should send e-mail to Linux Center using email. (I'll tell e-mail address of Linux Center later)

I've send email to freebsd mailing list:

But haven't had any replies yet. My friend suggested that I email this
mailing list.
Would anyone here be interested in helping with this....

I've created fpt and http server on my desktop FreeBSD system
But they are currently down.... because I'm mirroring packages to
France server.... hopefully I'll finish in 2 days

Anyway, I hope you will help me.

If you decide to help, I can create an ssh account on my FreeBSD box.

You can contact me by replying to this mail, or you can contact on
jabber: killasmurf86 at

With respect,
Aldis Berjoza

Aldis Berjoza
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