svn commit: r252743 - head/usr.sbin/bsdconfig/share

Devin Teske dteske at
Fri Jul 5 01:37:36 UTC 2013

Author: dteske
Date: Fri Jul  5 01:37:35 2013
New Revision: 252743

  Add mustberoot.subr to the list of includes for scripts, exposing the helper
  function f_mustberoot_init() to make it easy to write scripts that can more
  easily transition to the super-user via sudo(8).


Modified: head/usr.sbin/bsdconfig/share/script.subr
--- head/usr.sbin/bsdconfig/share/script.subr	Fri Jul  5 01:32:39 2013	(r252742)
+++ head/usr.sbin/bsdconfig/share/script.subr	Fri Jul  5 01:37:35 2013	(r252743)
@@ -34,6 +34,7 @@ f_dprintf "%s: loading includes..." scri
 f_include $BSDCFG_SHARE/device.subr
 f_include $BSDCFG_SHARE/media/any.subr
 f_include $BSDCFG_SHARE/media/tcpip.subr
+f_include $BSDCFG_SHARE/mustberoot.subr
 f_include $BSDCFG_SHARE/packages/packages.subr
 f_include $BSDCFG_SHARE/variable.subr

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