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Coleman Kane cokane at
Mon Jan 5 15:11:38 PST 2009

On Mon, 2009-01-05 at 14:52 -0800, Sam Leffler wrote:
> Christoph Mallon wrote:
> > Steve Kargl schrieb:
> >>     Stylistic changes (including whitespace changes) are hard on
> >>     the source repository and are to be avoided without good reason. 
> >
> > Yet another anachronism in style(9).
> > (Does that sentence even mean what I think it means? Somehow it sounds 
> > like "there is no good reason, but avoid them anyway" instead of 
> > "avoid them if you have no good reason".)
> >
> >
> And for the N'th time I will say: style is guideline and not a 
> contract.  The day people arbitrarily change code simply because some 
> cabal decided where spaces should go is the day people will stop 
> contributing.  It's all fine and well to make style consistent when 
> you're working in an area of the code (and can verify your changes) but 
> knob polishing is just code churn and in my experience is 
> counter-productive.  Spend your time and effort on fixing real problems; 
> god knows we've got enough of 'em...
>     Sam

Maybe prepend 'Mere' to the beginning of that sentence in style(9)? I am
amused by the thread on stylistic changes to style(9).

/me ducks!

Coleman Kane
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