svn commit: r186751 - in head/sys: netinet6 netipsec

Sam Leffler sam at
Mon Jan 5 14:52:38 PST 2009

Christoph Mallon wrote:
> Steve Kargl schrieb:
>>     Stylistic changes (including whitespace changes) are hard on
>>     the source repository and are to be avoided without good reason. 
> Yet another anachronism in style(9).
> (Does that sentence even mean what I think it means? Somehow it sounds 
> like "there is no good reason, but avoid them anyway" instead of 
> "avoid them if you have no good reason".)
And for the N'th time I will say: style is guideline and not a 
contract.  The day people arbitrarily change code simply because some 
cabal decided where spaces should go is the day people will stop 
contributing.  It's all fine and well to make style consistent when 
you're working in an area of the code (and can verify your changes) but 
knob polishing is just code churn and in my experience is 
counter-productive.  Spend your time and effort on fixing real problems; 
god knows we've got enough of 'em...


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