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> > > Author: mmacy
> > > Date: Sat Feb 23 21:14:00 2019
> > > New Revision: 344487
> > > URL:
> > > 
> > > Log:
> > >   gcov support
> > >   
> > >   add gcov support and export results as files in debugfs
> > >   
> > >   Reviewed by:	hps@
> > >   MFC after:	1 week
> > >   Sponsored by:	iX Systems
> > >   Differential Revision:
> And an additional nit, we can never becomre GPL free
> if we continue to add GPL code to the system.

+1 on adding GPL code to the system.

The thing that comes to mind with this commit is that we generally try 
to commit to the vendor branch externally obtained code and merge. That 
this was committed directly suggests that we will be the maintainers of 
this code, also suggesting that this GPL code is here to stay. Or, are 
there plans to replace this with BSD licensed code.

As this is external, obtained from should have been documented in the 
commit message.

Ccould this not be put into ports? Those wishing to use this feature 
could install it as desired.

Not to heap it on, just a bunch of questions coming to mind as I write 
this: What about DTrace, can't we do the same with it? Which once again 
argues against GPL in base, especially the kernel.

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