svn commit: r344051 - in stable/12/sbin: newfs tunefs

Enji Cooper yaneurabeya at
Tue Feb 12 16:53:13 UTC 2019

> On Feb 12, 2019, at 08:44, Cy Schubert <Cy.Schubert at> wrote:


> Agreed. No rules need to be changed. It's not a big deal. At the time 
> the question was about, something was missed or someone did something 
> that they didn't have authority to do. The question was answered a 
> couple of hours ago. We can stop bikeshedding this to try to create 
> more rules when none are required. It was a simple, who authorized this 
> commit? We got our answer. Let's move on.

I agree with others that—unless the process is automated and applied automatically without one thinking about it—let’s not implement yet another bit of unnecessary (to remember) process. Otherwise, I fear the committer’s guide will become as complicated as US law.

This was a simple mistake/omission. Let’s move on.

Thank you,

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