svn commit: r211021 - head/sys/dev/usb

Gavin Atkinson gavin at
Mon Aug 9 12:22:10 UTC 2010

On Sun, 8 Aug 2010, M. Warner Losh wrote:
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>             Gavin Atkinson <gavin at> writes:
> : On Sat, 7 Aug 2010, M. Warner Losh wrote:
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> : > : Date: Sat Aug  7 16:08:37 2010
> : > : New Revision: 211021
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> : > : Log:
> : > :   Sort this file a little better: the vendors are supposed to be sorted by
> : > :   vendor ID in the vendor section, and by symbolic name in the product
> : > :   section.  Products are sorted by product ID.  While here, get rid of a
> : > :   duplicate Microsoft Mouse entry, revealed by sorting.
> : > 
> : > I thought products were sorted by the ID number, not the ID name.
> : 
> : Yes, within a manufacturer, products should be sorted by ID.  Each 
> : manufacturer section is sorted by the symbolic manufacturer name, though.  
> Within each product section, the products are sorted by numeric id,
> not symbolic id.  That's how it was when I was maintaining this file,
> and is how pccarddevs also works.
> eg:
> product ALCOR SDCR_6335		0x6335	SD/MMC Card Reader
> product ALCOR SDCR_6362		0x6362	SD/MMC Card Reader
> product ALCOR TRANSCEND		0x6387	Transcend JetFlash Drive
> product ALCOR MA_KBD_HUB	0x9213	MacAlly Kbd Hub
> product ALCOR AU9814		0x9215	AU9814 Hub
> product ALCOR UMCR_9361		0x9361	USB Multimedia Card Reader
> product ALCOR SM_KBD		0x9410	MicroConnectors/StrongMan Keyboard
> product ALCOR NEC_KBD_HUB	0x9472	NEC Kbd Hub
> product ALCOR AU6390	0x6390	AU6390 USB-IDE converter

Indeed, that is wrong. That's not a section that I have touched, though.

> : I'm not which one of us is misunderstanding the other - do you think my 
> : change is somehow wrong?
> I think your change misorders things, unless I'm misreading it.  It
> sorts based on symbolic ID rather than numeric ID.

The only section I touched with this commit was the MICROSOFT one, and 
here is the ordering after my commit:

product MICROSOFT SIDEPREC	0x0008	SideWinder Precision Pro
product MICROSOFT INTELLIMOUSE	0x0009	IntelliMouse
product MICROSOFT NATURALKBD	0x000b	Natural Keyboard Elite
product MICROSOFT DDS80		0x0014	Digital Sound System 80
product MICROSOFT SIDEWINDER	0x001a	Sidewinder Precision Racing Wheel
product MICROSOFT INETPRO	0x001c	Internet Keyboard Pro
product MICROSOFT TBEXPLORER	0x0024	Trackball Explorer
product MICROSOFT INTELLIEYE	0x0025	IntelliEye mouse
product MICROSOFT INETPRO2	0x002b	Internet Keyboard Pro
product MICROSOFT MN510		0x006e	MN510 Wireless
product MICROSOFT MN110		0x007a	10/100 USB NIC
product MICROSOFT WLINTELLIMOUSE 0x008c	Wireless Optical IntelliMouse
product MICROSOFT WLNOTEBOOK	0x00b9	Wireless Optical Mouse (Model 1023)
product MICROSOFT COMFORT3000	0x00d1	Comfort Optical Mouse 3000 (Model 1043)
product MICROSOFT WLNOTEBOOK3	0x00d2	Wireless Optical Mouse 3000 (Model 1049)
product MICROSOFT NATURAL4000	0x00db	Natural Ergonomic Keyboard 4000
product MICROSOFT WLNOTEBOOK2	0x00e1	Wireless Optical Mouse 3000 (Model 1056)
product MICROSOFT XBOX360	0x0292	XBOX 360 WLAN

I can't see any which are misordered, can you?



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