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Sun Aug 8 21:41:59 UTC 2010

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            Gavin Atkinson <gavin at> writes:
: On Sat, 7 Aug 2010, M. Warner Losh wrote:
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: >             Gavin Atkinson <gavin at> writes:
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: > : Date: Sat Aug  7 16:08:37 2010
: > : New Revision: 211021
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: > : Log:
: > :   Sort this file a little better: the vendors are supposed to be sorted by
: > :   vendor ID in the vendor section, and by symbolic name in the product
: > :   section.  Products are sorted by product ID.  While here, get rid of a
: > :   duplicate Microsoft Mouse entry, revealed by sorting.
: > 
: > I thought products were sorted by the ID number, not the ID name.
: Yes, within a manufacturer, products should be sorted by ID.  Each 
: manufacturer section is sorted by the symbolic manufacturer name, though.  

Within each product section, the products are sorted by numeric id,
not symbolic id.  That's how it was when I was maintaining this file,
and is how pccarddevs also works.


product ALCOR SDCR_6335		0x6335	SD/MMC Card Reader
product ALCOR SDCR_6362		0x6362	SD/MMC Card Reader
product ALCOR TRANSCEND		0x6387	Transcend JetFlash Drive
product ALCOR MA_KBD_HUB	0x9213	MacAlly Kbd Hub
product ALCOR AU9814		0x9215	AU9814 Hub
product ALCOR UMCR_9361		0x9361	USB Multimedia Card Reader
product ALCOR SM_KBD		0x9410	MicroConnectors/StrongMan Keyboard
product ALCOR NEC_KBD_HUB	0x9472	NEC Kbd Hub
product ALCOR AU6390	0x6390	AU6390 USB-IDE converter

has the last one out of order only (it should be sorted 4th in this

: I'm not which one of us is misunderstanding the other - do you think my 
: change is somehow wrong?

I think your change misorders things, unless I'm misreading it.  It
sorts based on symbolic ID rather than numeric ID.


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