svn commit: r196039 - in head/sys: contrib/pf/net dev/cxgb/ulp/tom net netinet netinet6

Bruce Simpson bms at
Tue Aug 4 09:34:41 UTC 2009

Robert Watson wrote:
> You're right, it was included in error.  ip_mroute is on the list of 
> modules that uses a stats structure with an accessor macro, but that 
> structure make it onto the list of structures requiring accessor 
> functions because it's accessed only from within ip_mroute (actually, 
> two such functions/macros).  I must have made a transcription error 
> when writing up the commit message.  My notes on accessor macros and 
> files that consume them below.

No worries, I was just going 'Hurm hah hurm wtf'. :-)

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