svn commit: r196039 - in head/sys: contrib/pf/net dev/cxgb/ulp/tom net netinet netinet6

Robert Watson rwatson at
Tue Aug 4 08:26:51 UTC 2009

On Tue, 4 Aug 2009, Bruce Simpson wrote:

> I didn't see any changes which directly touched ip_mroute in this rev. Can 
> you clarify how this touches ip_mroute? It wasn't obvious from the diff.

You're right, it was included in error.  ip_mroute is on the list of modules 
that uses a stats structure with an accessor macro, but that structure make it 
onto the list of structures requiring accessor functions because it's accessed 
only from within ip_mroute (actually, two such functions/macros).  I must have 
made a transcription error when writing up the commit message.  My notes on 
accessor macros and files that consume them below.


                 Defined         Used
                 -------         ----
ICMPSTAT_ADD    icmp_var.h      icmp_var.h
ICMPSTAT_INC    icmp_var.h      ip_icmp.c, *pf.c

IGMPSTAT_ADD    igmp_var.h      igmp_var.h
IGMPSTAT_INC    igmp_var.h      igmp.c

MRTSTAT_ADD     ip_mroute.h     ip_mroute.h
MRTSTAT_INC     ip_mroute.h     *ip_mroute.c

IPSTAT_ADD      ip_var.h        ip_var.h, ip_output.c,
IPSTAT_SUB      ip_var.h        ip_var.h
IPSTAT_INC      ip_var.h        raw_ip.c, *ip_divert.c, ip_output.c,
                                 ip_input.c, ip_ipsec.c, *in_gif.c, igmp.c,
                                 ip_options.c, ip_fastfwd.c, udp_usrreq.c,
                                 *if_bridge.c, *pf.c, ip_var.h
IPSTAT_DEC      ip_var.h        raw_ip.c, *ip_divert.c, ip_var.h

PIMSTAT_ADD     pim_var.h       *ip_mroute.c, pim_var.h
PIMSTAT_INC     pim_var.h       *ip_mroute.c

UDPSTAT_ADD     udp_var.h       udp_var.h
UDPSTAT_INC     udp_var.h       udp_usrreq.c, udp6_usrreq.c, *pf.c

TCPSTAT_ADD     tcp_var.h       tcp_input.c, tcp_reass.c, tcp_output.c,
TCPSTAT_INC     tcp_var.h       tcp_input.c, tcp_subr.c, tcp_reass.c,
                                 tcp_timer.c, tcp_sack.c, tcp_output.c,
                                 tcp_hostcache.c, tcp_syncache.c, tcp_usrreq.c,
                                 tcp_timewait.c, *cxgb_cpl_io.c, *pf.c

IP6STAT_ADD     ip6_var.h       ip6_var.h
IP6STAT_SUB     ip6_var.h       ip6_var.h
IP6STAT_INC     ip6_var.h       raw_ip6.c, icmp6.c, udp6_usrreq.c, mld6.c,
IP6STAT_DEC     ip6_var.h       icmp6.c

CARPSTATS_ADD   ip_carp.h       ip_carp.h
CARPSTATS_INC   ip_carp.h       ip_carp.c

ICMP6STAT_ADD   icmp6.h         icmp6.h
ICMP6STAT_INC   icmp6.h         raw_ip6.c icmp6.c nd6.c nd6_nbr.c mld6.c
                                 nd6_rtr.c *pf.c

* Files that are built into kernel modules.

Things that use things they shouldn't:

ip_divert.c:    IPSTAT_INC, IPSTAT_DEC
in_gif.c:       IPSTAT_INC
if_bridge.c:    IPSTAT_INC
cxgb_cpl_io.c:  TCPSTAT_INC

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