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Hiroki Sato hrs at
Thu Apr 4 08:22:54 UTC 2019

Koichiro Iwao <meta at> wrote
  in <201903311310.x2VDA4cN047931 at>:

me> Author: meta
me> Date: Sun Mar 31 13:10:03 2019
me> New Revision: 497400
me> URL:
me> Log:
me>   net/tigervnc: separate port into -server -and -viewer
me>   since usually people want to install either server or client on the same
me>   box. Formerly, net/tigervnc had options to build & install vncviewer(client)
me>   but vncviewer could not be installed alone. Server components was necessary.
me>   Now TigerVNC server and viewer are completely separeted and can be installed
me>   independently.
me>   Tested by: Juan Molina
me>   Differential Revision:
me> Added:
me>   head/net/tigervnc-server/
me>   head/net/tigervnc-server/Makefile   (contents, props changed)
me>   head/net/tigervnc-server/pkg-descr   (contents, props changed)
me>   head/net/tigervnc-server/pkg-plist   (contents, props changed)
me>   head/net/tigervnc-viewer/
me>   head/net/tigervnc-viewer/Makefile   (contents, props changed)
me>   head/net/tigervnc-viewer/pkg-descr   (contents, props changed)
me>   head/net/tigervnc-viewer/pkg-plist   (contents, props changed)
me>   head/net/tigervnc/
me>      - copied, changed from r497252, head/net/tigervnc/Makefile
me> Deleted:
me>   head/net/tigervnc/pkg-plist
me> Modified:
me>   head/net/Makefile
me>   head/net/tigervnc/Makefile
me>   head/net/tigervnc/pkg-descr

 If net/tigervnc now has only SERVER as the default options, it is no
 longer worth keeping it as a meta-port because the resultant package
 is an empty one which has a single dependency on tigervnc-server.  An
 entry to MOVED is sufficient in this case.

 Even if you want to keep this, at least you might want to take care
 of backward compatibility with the old tigervnc. Both of SERVER and
 VIEWER should be added back to it since it had VIEWER in

Koichiro Iwao <meta at> wrote
  in <201904011552.x31Fqs9L093132 at>:

me> Author: meta
me> Date: Mon Apr  1 15:52:53 2019
me> New Revision: 497487
me> URL:
me> Log:
me>   Fix the issue tigervnc-server and -viewer cannot be installed together
me>   when DOCS=on because both ports install LICENSE_FILE into the same place.

 LICENSE.TXT should not be installed into DOCSDIR.  It will be
 installed by specifying LICENSE_FILE in a per-package directory, so
 you can simply drop it from DOCS.

-- Hiroki
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