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Author: jgh
Date: Fri Nov 14 00:08:17 2014
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  - update tuning for jails
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@@ -520,9 +520,10 @@ jail_<replaceable>www</replaceable>_devf
       <para>Among the many third-party utilities for jail
 	administration, one of the most complete and useful is
-	<package>sysutils/jailutils</package>.  It is a set of small
-	applications that contribute to &man.jail.8; management.
-	Please refer to its web page for more information.</para>
+	<package>sysutils/ezjail</package>.  It is a set of scripts
+	that contribute to &man.jail.8; management.
+	Please refer to <link xlink:href="&url.books.handbook;/jails-ezjail.html">the handbook section
+	  on <application>ezjail</application></link> for more information.</para>
     <sect2 xml:id="jails-updating">

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