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  Dereference the SVN->CVS exporter.
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@@ -446,18 +446,6 @@ You need a Passphrase to protect your se
 	The first real <acronym>SVN</acronym> commit is
-      <para>There are mechanisms in place to automatically merge
-	changes back from the Subversion <literal>src</literal>
-	repository to the <acronym>CVS</acronym> repository for
-	some &os; branches (<literal>releng/6</literal> through
-	<literal>releng/9</literal>), however this is purely to
-	support pre-existing end-user installs and should not be
-	relied upon, recommended or advertised.  Future branches
-	will not be exported to CVS at all.  The
-	<literal>ports</literal> repository was exported to CVS
-	for a period of time to aid end user migration, but as of
-	28th February 2013 is no longer exported.</para>
       <para>Subversion is not that different from
 	<acronym>CVS</acronym> when it comes to daily use, but there
 	are differences.  Subversion has a number of features that
@@ -2118,9 +2106,6 @@ U    stable/9/share/man/man4/netmap.4
       <para>In commit logs etc., <quote>rev 179872</quote> should be
 	spelled <quote>r179872</quote> as per convention.</para>
-      <para>Do not remove and re-add the same file in a single commit
-	as this will break the CVS exporter.</para>
       <para>Speeding up svn is possible by adding the following to

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