svn commit: r39207 - head/en_US.ISO8859-1/books/handbook/advanced-networking

Glen Barber gjb at
Sun Jul 15 07:36:15 UTC 2012

Author: gjb
Date: Sun Jul 15 07:36:14 2012
New Revision: 39207

  Correct a few entries that were mistakenly changed which would adversely
  affect users of 8.x and prior by noting separate rc.conf(5) entries for
  8.x and earlier or 9.x and later.
  Spotted by:	dougb
  Pointyhat to:	gjb (myself)


Modified: head/en_US.ISO8859-1/books/handbook/advanced-networking/chapter.sgml
--- head/en_US.ISO8859-1/books/handbook/advanced-networking/chapter.sgml	Sun Jul 15 06:56:47 2012	(r39206)
+++ head/en_US.ISO8859-1/books/handbook/advanced-networking/chapter.sgml	Sun Jul 15 07:36:14 2012	(r39207)
@@ -5969,14 +5969,23 @@ round-trip min/avg/max/stddev = 2.530/2.
 	<para>These settings will help you configure a machine that
 	  will be on your LAN and act as a client, not a router.  To
-	  have &man.rtsol.8; autoconfigure your interface on boot all
-	  you need to add is:</para>
+	  have &man.rtsol.8; autoconfigure your interface on boot on
+	  &os;&nbsp;9.<replaceable>x</replaceable> and later,
+	  add:</para>
+	<para>to <filename>rc.conf</filename>.</para>
+	<para>For &os;&nbsp;8.<replaceable>x</replaceable> and
+	  earlier, add:</para>
+	<programlisting>ipv6_enable="YES"</programlisting>
 	<para>To statically assign an IP address such as <hostid
-	  to your <devicename>fxp0</devicename> interface, add:</para>
+	  to your <devicename>fxp0</devicename> interface, add the
+	  following for &os;&nbsp;9.<replaceable>x</replaceable>:</para>
 	<programlisting>ifconfig_fxp0_ipv6="inet6 2001:471:1f11:251:290:27ff:fee0:2093 prefixlen <replaceable>64</replaceable>"</programlisting>
@@ -5986,6 +5995,11 @@ round-trip min/avg/max/stddev = 2.530/2.
 	    within which the computer is networked.</para>
+	<para>For &os;&nbsp;8<replaceable>x</replaceable> and earlier,
+	  add:</para>
+	<programlisting>ipv6_ifconfig_fxp0="2001:471:1f11:251:290:27ff:fee0:2093"</programlisting>
 	<para>To assign a default router of
 	  <hostid role="ip6addr">2001:471:1f11:251::1</hostid> add the
 	  following to <filename>/etc/rc.conf</filename>:</para>
@@ -6015,10 +6029,15 @@ round-trip min/avg/max/stddev = 2.530/2.
 	<programlisting>gifconfig_gif0="<replaceable>MY_IPv4_ADDR REMOTE_IPv4_ADDR</replaceable>"</programlisting>
 	<para>To apply the IPv6 address you have been assigned for use
-	  as your IPv6 tunnel endpoint, add:</para>
+	  as your IPv6 tunnel endpoint, add the following for
+	  &os;&nbsp;9.<replaceable>x</replaceable> and later:</para>
 	<programlisting>ifconfig_gif0_ipv6="inet6 <replaceable>MY_ASSIGNED_IPv6_TUNNEL_ENDPOINT_ADDR</replaceable>"</programlisting>
+	<para>For &os;&nbsp;8.<replaceable>x</replaceable> and
+	  earlier, add:</para>
+	<programlisting>ipv6_ifconfig_gif0="<replaceable>MY_ASSIGNED_IPv6_TUNNEL_ENDPOINT_ADDR</replaceable>"</programlisting>
 	<para>Then all you have to do is set the default route for
 	  IPv6.  This is the other side of the IPv6 tunnel:</para>

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