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  Expand a bit upon the first FAQ question: "What is FreeBSD?"
  and don't redirect people to the home page for further information.
  Approved by:	bcr (mentor)


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-	  <para>Briefly, &os; is a &unix; like operating system for
-	    AMD64 and &intel; EM64T, &i386; PC-98, IA-64, &arm;,
-	    &powerpc; and &ultrasparc; platforms based on U.C.
+	  <para>&os; is a modern operating system for desktops,
+	    laptops, servers, and embedded systems with
+	    support for a large number of  <ulink
+	      url="">platforms</ulink>.</para>
+	  <para>It is based on U.C.
 	    Berkeley's <quote>4.4BSD-Lite</quote> release, with some
 	    <quote>4.4BSD-Lite2</quote> enhancements.  It is also based
 	    indirectly on William Jolitz's port of U.C. Berkeley's
 	    <quote>Net/2</quote> to the &i386;, known as
 	    <quote>386BSD</quote>, though very little of the 386BSD code
-	    remains.  A fuller description of what &os; is and how it
-	    can work for you may be found on the <ulink
-	      url="&url.base;/index.html">&os; home page</ulink>.</para>
+	    remains.</para>
 	  <para>&os; is used by companies, Internet Service Providers,
 	    researchers, computer professionals, students and home users

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