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Mon Dec 10 15:30:57 UTC 2012

Author: eadler
Date: Mon Dec 10 15:30:56 2012
New Revision: 40321

  SLIP was removed in 8.x.  Given that 7.x will only be supported for
  another 2 months it doesn't make much sense to keep this information in
  the FAQ.
  Noted by:	Joe Barbish
  Approved by:	bcr (mentor)


Modified: head/en_US.ISO8859-1/books/faq/book.xml
--- head/en_US.ISO8859-1/books/faq/book.xml	Mon Dec 10 15:30:54 2012	(r40320)
+++ head/en_US.ISO8859-1/books/faq/book.xml	Mon Dec 10 15:30:56 2012	(r40321)
@@ -6788,27 +6788,16 @@ Key F15        A        A        Menu Wo
 	<question id="slip-ppp-support">
-	  <para>Does &os; support SLIP and PPP?</para>
+	  <para>Does &os; support PPP?</para>
-	  <para>Yes.  See the manual pages for &man.slattach.8;,
-	    &man.sliplogin.8;, &man.ppp.8;, and &man.pppd.8;.
-	    &man.ppp.8; and &man.pppd.8; provide support for both
-	    incoming and outgoing connections, while &man.sliplogin.8;
-	    deals exclusively with incoming connections, and
-	    &man.slattach.8; deals exclusively with outgoing
-	    connections.</para>
+	  <para>Yes.  &man.ppp.8; provides support for both
+	    incoming and outgoing connections.</para>
 	  <para>For more information on how to use these, please see the
-	      url="&url.books.handbook;/ppp-and-slip.html">Handbook chapter on PPP and SLIP</ulink>.</para>
-	  <para>If you only have access to the Internet through a
-	    <quote>shell account</quote>, you may want to have a look at
-	    the <filename role="package">net/slirp</filename> package.
-	    It can provide you with (limited) access to services such as
-	    ftp and http direct from your local machine.</para>
+	      url="&url.books.handbook;/ppp-and-slip.html">Handbook chapter on PPP</ulink>.</para>
@@ -8436,7 +8425,7 @@ ATDT1234567</programlisting>
     <title>Serial Communications</title>
     <para>This section answers common questions about serial
-      communications with &os;.  PPP and SLIP are covered in the <link
+      communications with &os;.  PPP is covered in the <link
       linkend="networking">Networking</link> section.</para>

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