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Author: eadler
Date: Mon Dec 10 15:30:54 2012
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  It is hard to find IDE drives.  ZIP and JAZ drives are gone from the
  world of useful technologies.
  Approved by:	bcr (mentor)


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@@ -1563,21 +1563,6 @@
-	<question id="boot-floppy-hangs">
-	  <para>Why does the boot floppy start, but hang at the
-	    <literal>Probing Devices...</literal> screen?</para>
-	</question>
-	<answer>
-	  <para>If you have a IDE &iomegazip; or &jaz; drive installed,
-	    remove it and try again.  The boot floppy can get confused by
-	    the drives.  After the system is installed you can reconnect
-	    the drive.  Hopefully this will be fixed in a later
-	    release.</para>
-	</answer>
-      </qandaentry>
-      <qandaentry>
 	<question id="panic-on-install-reboot">
 	  <para>Why do I get a <errorname>panic: can't mount
 	    root</errorname> error when rebooting the system after

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