Status: Linux packages for pkg(8)

Manuel Wiesinger mdw at
Mon Jul 27 21:37:15 UTC 2015


Sorry for becoming lazy with the weekly status report and thanks to
bapt@ for reminding me. Next report will be sent on Monday, August 3.

This week (probably Friday) I will commit code to Github, that can read
a Debian repository just like a FreeBSD-repo, including signature/hash
validation of all downloaded files. This code will be in presentable
form. Meaning, all extra cases are handled, error handling is done,
unnecessary comments, dead code, nasty debug output, etc. is removed.

I have code to download and extract Debian-packages too, but it is not
yet shaped and not really integrated into pkg(8) yet.

Plan for this week:
finalise the work on repositories, test extra-cases, check if really
everything is correctly put into the database.

Plan for next week:
shape and integrate package downloading, implement feedback from commits.

Further todos:
add pkg-audit support (easy), write unit-tests


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