ptnetmap on bhyve status report

Stefano Garzarella stefanogarzarella at
Tue Jul 21 14:53:37 UTC 2015

Dear All,
I've successfully mapped the netmap memory in the guest VM last week.
I added a new IOCTL in vmm.ko to map netmap memory (returned by the mmap()
in the
byvhe user space application) in the guest VM. In this way the netmap
memory is
shared between guest and host.

After that I created a kthreads in netmap-host to comunicate with the
through shared memory.

Since I haven't yet implemented the notification mechanism, I tested it
with busy-wait.
Both netmap-guest and netmap-host continually poll the shared memory to
wait new slots.

The performance (guest->host & host->guest) is very good and it is very
close to
the native performance (host-host experiments) and Linux-KVM performance:
- physical ixgbe device [14 Mpps ~line rate]
- VALE software switches [24 Mpps]
- netmap-pipes (shared memory channels) [50 Mpps]

I'm going to start the last step: implement notification mechanism in
bhyve/FreeBSD. We want to have a mechanism to exchange notifications
between guest and host kthreads.

The code is available on

Stefano Garzarella.

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