Status: Linux packages for pkg(8)

Manuel Wiesinger mdw at
Tue Aug 11 00:36:07 UTC 2015


My status:
I have working code in libpkg/repos/linux_deb to update. That means
download the deb-manifest, verify it, and put all that is useful to the
database, including dependencies. Doing it for conflicts is trivial,
because it uses the same syntax as for dependencies. But when I do 'pkg
update' for the official FreeBSD repos the pkg_conflicts stays empty. So
I haven't done it yet.

It works just to call pkg update.

I have code to read and extract a .deb package, but I have difficulties
to integrate it into pkg. That is because the repo-code is layered
nicely, but the code to install a package and parts of the SAT-solver
are highly specific for binary packages.
As far as I can tell, the only seminal way is to create a layer for
installation and support for different repo-types at all parts where
it's necessary.  Either integrate my code in a hackish manner or make it
usable with an own layer. I don't dare to create an own layer alone by
myself, because it is a rather big intervention in the whole
architecture of pkg. I'm in discussion with bapt@ what to do best.

Nothing done about .rpm so far

Use the NELEM marko instead of my own STRLEN one. They are semantically

get rid of mktemp()

write a function to compare versions of .deb-packages. This function is
specified by the Debian-Project. I'll use only the documentation, to
avoid 'stealing' GPL-code.

.) write a function that does pkg-audit


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