Status: Linux packages for pkg(8)

Manuel Wiesinger mdw at
Mon Aug 3 23:12:37 UTC 2015


I'm a bit behind with "pkgifying" my code. So I did not yet push the
database part to Github.

Plan for this week:
Push clean integrated code for reading the Debian manifest into the db
and extract it to prefix (e.g. /compat/linux).

How the manifest is imported:
It's loosely based on the import of normal packages (binary). I.e. while
parsing a hashmap is created (using UT_hash_handles in the particular
structs: pkg, pkg_dep, pkg_conflict), in which dependencies and
conflicts are stored. These hashmaps are iterated and written to the
database then.

A detail that I have overseen is that the Debian manifest does not
contain the licences of the packages. I'll see if I can get that
information to the database from somewhere else if desired.

Further todos:
make sure, that the event pipe is used for longer tasks (e.g. extracting)
add pkg-audit support (easy), write unit-tests


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