evdev status report #7 & #8

Jakub Klama jakub.klama at uj.edu.pl
Tue Jul 15 22:42:44 UTC 2014


 This is combined status report #7 and #8 for GSoC project named
 "Implementation of evdev protocol and touchscreens support".

 Done last week^Wtwo weeks:
 * evdev support for atkbd(4), psm(4) and kbdmux(4). kbdmux is seen
   as a regular keyboard.
 * fixed issues with SYN_DROPPED packets generation
 * created stripped-down version of libevdev suitable to be included
   in the base system
 * started working on terasic_mtl evdev multitouch driver, used on
   BERI_DE4 platform
 * merged changes from HEAD onto project branch
 * attended to DevSummit :-)

 Next week:
 * finish & test terasic_mtl multitouch driver
 * create some multitouch demo for BERI_DE4
 * look for what can gain an evdev support - maybe some power switch
   or a laptop lid?


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