GSoC status Week #5: BHyVe suspend/resume

Iori YONEJI fivo.11235813 at
Wed Jul 24 21:36:23 UTC 2013

Hi all.

[project summary]
The project goal is to append suspend/resume feature to BHyVe(BSD

[what's done]
In this week, I've done these things:
- add NMI issue in suspend ioctl so that VM guest sleep immediately.
- add implementation to copy all register state except x87/MMX/SSE
registers s\to userland in ioctl.
- test ioctl with small userland application.
- add suspend hook in vmrun so suspend handling to be called either in
 kernel and in userland(bhyve).

[under development]
- save x87/MMX/SSE registers (suspend-hook).
- save bhyve process depending state(like ctx).

[will be opened in a week]
- dump guest memory
- restore registers

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