Report #5: Unattended encrypted kernel crash dumps

Konrad Witaszczyk def at
Wed Jul 24 11:30:40 UTC 2013

Currently I have implemented decrypting a crash dump with savecore:
I had to change a size of the buffer, which is used to save it in 
/var/crash, to a size of one block in a dump device. This is a temporary 
solution just to get to know how to decrypt the dump.

This week I'm planning to fix all bugs to achieve a proper state of the 
project and fulfil the following mid-term requirements:
* Generate an encrypted dump.
* Save the dump.
* Decrypt the dump.
I had a lot of feedback from my mentor to work on it.

We already started to discuss how to save a dump for pefs which is the 
next milestone after the mid-term. Then I should implement the MAC 
generation algorithm used by pefs.

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