Collective resource limits status report #4

Gabor Kovesdan gabor at
Tue Jun 29 20:35:58 UTC 2010

Em 2010.06.27. 16:35, Gabor Kovesdan escreveu:
> Hello,
> since the last status report, I've added the getjlimit() and 
> setjlimit() calls. They are fully implemented (unless I didn't 
> consider some details) in a general way that doesn't depend tightly on 
> particular kinds of resource limits. I've also started to implement 
> the first limit type, JLIMIT_NUMPROC, which is quite straightforward. 
> But there is a bug I'm facing in the internal structures I use for 
> accounting. I have a linked list of jobs, and each job entry has a 
> head of another kind of linked list, which stores entries of processes 
> inside the given job. I have no problem with the outer list but the 
> inner one makes my kernel crash. I double-checked those code parts and 
> I still think they are correct, so I couldn't figure out the problem 
> so far. This week I haven't merged to Perforce yet, first I'd like to 
> make the code a bit more stable. I hope I can accomplish it in 1-2 
> days. While debugging my code, I've also written some additions to my 
> test program, which is supposed to be general enough and accepts 
> various paramteres. My intention is to use it as a regression test 
> inside a shell script, which will call it with different parameter 
> sets to test different cases.
No merge yet to Perforce but here's a a full patch that doesn't crash 
any more:
Now I'm trying to get JLIMIT_NUMPROC completely work.


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