Collective resource limits status report #4

Gabor Kovesdan gabor at
Sun Jun 27 14:35:42 UTC 2010


since the last status report, I've added the getjlimit() and setjlimit() 
calls. They are fully implemented (unless I didn't consider some 
details) in a general way that doesn't depend tightly on particular 
kinds of resource limits. I've also started to implement the first limit 
type, JLIMIT_NUMPROC, which is quite straightforward. But there is a bug 
I'm facing in the internal structures I use for accounting. I have a 
linked list of jobs, and each job entry has a head of another kind of 
linked list, which stores entries of processes inside the given job. I 
have no problem with the outer list but the inner one makes my kernel 
crash. I double-checked those code parts and I still think they are 
correct, so I couldn't figure out the problem so far. This week I 
haven't merged to Perforce yet, first I'd like to make the code a bit 
more stable. I hope I can accomplish it in 1-2 days. While debugging my 
code, I've also written some additions to my test program, which is 
supposed to be general enough and accepts various paramteres. My 
intention is to use it as a regression test inside a shell script, which 
will call it with different parameter sets to test different cases.


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