Collective resource limits status report #2

Gabor Kovesdan gabor at
Sat Jun 12 16:58:41 UTC 2010


since the last report I had some discussions with my mentor and other 
involved folks regarding IRIX jobs and Solaris contracts. The intention 
was to try to match them somehow and provide one implementation and two 
APIs. But the problem is that Solaris uses quite a different approach 
and it seems quite difficult to match them, at least at the beginning of 
the development. So we just decided that I should first go on with the 
IRIX API and then we can reconsider and check again if it's possible to 
add the Solaris API on top of the same implementation. Linux cgroups is 
also something similar that we shall check later. Another problem is 
that the actual behaviour of the IRIX API isn't totally clear because 
the manual pages are quite laconic sometimes. It would be nice if 
somehow I could get access to an IRIX system to try it out and find the 
answer to some questions. My mentor told me that he would try to get that.

I've started to write code to group processes together into jobs, which 
needs implementing 3 system calls: makenewjob(), getjid() and killjob(). 
The beginning was a bit difficult because I'm somewhat familiar with 
userland programming now but I had doubts how to do things in kernel, 
how system calls work, etc. but now I'm getting into it. The code that I 
checked in doesn't work yet it just reflects the concept that I'm trying 
to implement. Next week's goal is to make the code compile and work. 
While I'm running buildworld/buildkernel, I'll also make use of the time 
to write the manuals for the implemented syscalls.

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