ringmap. status report #2

Alexander Fiveg pebu3op at googlemail.com
Fri Jun 11 22:59:10 UTC 2010

+ MALLOC(9)'s replaced on contigmalloc(9), in order to get PAGE_SIZE alignment 
(for memory mapping). 

+ ringmap refactoring: read(2) is removed and replaced on mmap(2). Earlier 
user space process had to cal read(2) in order to get physical addres of 
ring-structure. The the mapping the ring-structure in user-space was 
accomplished though mmap(/dev/mem). Now ring-structure will mapped through 
mmap(/dev/ringmap ... ) in user space. 

+ ringmap code placed in CURRENT and integrated with em driver.   

-+  integrating ringmap with libpcap is in progress

- porting the ringmap to 10Gig has not started because of absence of  

Next tasks: 
1. integrate ringmap with libpcap
2. test ringmap with  1GbE on CURRENT
3. as soon as I have 10GbE adapter, I will immediately begin port the ringmap 
to 10Gig

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