setxkbmap alterations

King of the Gods zeus at
Mon May 17 15:20:52 UTC 2021

Dear FreeBSD project,

We are very happy for using FreeBSD since the 90s, and we are silent
but very warm supporters of the project.
The reason for breaking our "silence" is that some alterations may not
apply only to our distributions, but may also be available to the public,
considering Open Source as beneficial to humanity.

Specifically, we are targeting on `setxkbmap' part of x11 system.
The main reason for altering the port does not arise from any errors 
we have found to the current version, but from linguistic issues 
that have made software worldwide following a wrong path.

We are having in mind some very important alterations that will help the globe
having significant features that now are missing.

PLEASE, help us out, on how we can participate on altering the port, so 
our improvements are available for the public.

Kind regards,

Alexandros Perdikomatis
CEO Administrator
Web Dolphins Ltd
zeus at

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